Leveler Line 2


Yonemori, Japan.

Since August 13th, 2012


Gauge  0.30mm ~1.60mm  (0.0118” ~0.0629”)
Width 500mm ~1,400mm  (19.685” ~55.118”)
Cut length 350mm ~2,000mm  (13.779” ~78.740”)
Trim Width 80mm (3.149”=Total width)
Coil ID 508mm(20”)
Coil weight Max. 10mt (22.046 lbs)
Line speed  80 meters/minutes
Cutting method  Fine Drum Shear
Number of blanks Max. 180pcs/minutes
Tensile strength Max. 40kg/mm2
Piling height Max. 600mm (Including skid height)
Piling weight Max. 3MT

Call for special order that requires tight tolerance and different sizes.



Leveler-2-1 Leveler-2-2 Leveler-2-3 Leveler-2-4 leveler-2-7 Leveler-2-8 Leveler2-6